Infinite Materials | Prey

Update: This infinite materials trick has been fixed along with other known bugs in patch 1.2.

In Bethesda’s Prey, skill upgrades come via items called neuromods. Neuromods can be found in various offices and lab coat pockets of the deceased on Talos I, but they can also be crafted once a fabrication plan is found. This crafting system also allows medkits, ammo, and other useful items to be created. Needless to say, having an infinite amount of the materials required to craft seems pretty handy. But how do you do it?

It’s actually pretty simple. Collect enough recyclable material throughout Talos I (you’ll probably have enough from looting garbage cans and dead enemies) that you can net at least a x1.00 stack for each material when the trash is recycled. Now, take those stacks of recycled materials and put them back into the recycler. Here’s the important part: before starting the recycle process, split each of the material stacks into 4 equal stacks. For example, if you put a x1.00 stack of materials into the recycler, you should split it into 4 x0.25 stacks. Once this is done for each of the material stacks, hit start and you’ll double what you put in. Rinse and repeat.

Now that you’ve got a near bottomless supply of materials, you can use the fabricator to create as many neuromods, medkits, and shotgun shells as you desire. Beware: this will make the game easier. Bethesda has yet to patch this trick or suggest that it’s a mistake, but if it’s unintentional, expect a patch in the future. If you want the opportunity to stroll through Talos I as a god, take advantage of this trick now. Otherwise you might have to do it the old-fashioned way.