Who’s Gamelub?

18236449_10153935302622824_269230804_oMy name is Caleb! I’m located in Salt Lake City. I’ve been playing video games for as long as I can remember – I could beat my dad at a baseball game on the Sega Genesis when I was 3, so pretty much my whole life.

For a while I believed society’s lie that video games were a waste of time and useless, so I played 4 sports in high school, considered multiple career paths, got a Psychology A.S., and permanently quit video games multiple times to be an upstanding citizen.

Well, here I am, happily married to someone who fits in great with my friends and is part of the Destiny raid team the gamers in the group have. I’m back in school studying Computer Science and Animation, hoping to break into the Game Development world when it’s done. I’m unashamed of who I am: I play games on YouTube, review games here, and talk about any nerdy thing that I want. Follow me and check me out if you like gaming and want to be a part of this crazy dream I have! You rock.

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