Little Nightmares | Review

Background: Little Nightmares is a puzzle-platformer horror adventure game that was developed by Tarsier Studios and published by Bandai Namco Entertainment. Players control Six as she endeavors to escape The Maw with only wits and a small lighter.

Have you ever had a nightmare of being eaten? For little Six, it’s not a nightmare at all. It’s a pretty certain outcome of any slip-ups in a resort called The Maw. So please, if you’re helping Six escape, don’t get caught.


Little Nightmares picks something creepy and sticks to its guns. Over the course of this short, 4 hour game you’ll sneak through many distinct locations. However, while the setting may change, the overall threat of being eaten stays steady. I was impressed with this. The title seems to allow the possibility of exploring multiple horrific scenarios, but instead stays consistent with haunting manner in which you’ll meet your demise.


This is a welcome choice because it allows for a cohesive narrative that the player can piece together. Everything is related and each area and discovery builds upon the last.  The Maw is a mysterious resort that will effectively creep you out while simultaneously begging you to explore its dark secrets.


While exploring you’ll have only a small lighter and your puzzle solving skills. Stealth is a big deal here because enemies are unforgiving when they spot you. You have to act smart and act fast to solve the puzzles and escape those ready to serve, cook, and eat you. The puzzles were engaging while still being difficult. You’re often forced to run into the open, cross dark rooms, and get very close to people you’d rather avoid.


The only trouble I had with Little Nightmares is that the game was short. Once you begin to have an idea of what’s going on, the game picks up and is soon over. The puzzles were interesting, the setting was creepy, and the story was disturbing. Similar games in the genre left me puzzled as to the overall meaning or intent of the story, but Little Nightmares tells its piece and leaves you thinking about it for a few days after.



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